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The Flex Fit Wither Option

We are very excited about our newest 5 Star design!  As always, we only use 100% PURE wool felt in the production of our 5 Star Pads. The new design […]

Spring time and the importance of 5 Star Wool Pad maintenance!

Spring time and the importance of 5 Star Wool Pad maintenance!  By Brad Harter I recently came across some 5 Star Wool pads that are in use almost everyday. The […]

Why Mohair?

From the mountain tops of Mongolia and the plains of Argentina, the rolling hills of Scotland and the western ranges of America, hair based cinchas have been used for centuries. […]

Why Use Wool?

In the equine world it seems that each year we are presented with new ideas about training, health care requirements, and tack. Some of it is a new twist to […]

Dry Spots

There is a great deal of misunderstanding in the equine world in respect to dry spots and what they indicate. Not all dry spots are bad, but you have to […]

Proud Sponsor of Heroes and Horses

Heroes and horses is a unique program that uses the remote wilderness and the horse/human connection to challenge and inspire personal growth in veterans suffering from mental and physical scars. […]

Show Horse Today – Saddle Pads

Do you know what you’re putting under your saddle? Of course, you use a saddle pad under your saddle, but do you know what kind of saddle pad?  How it’s […]

Give ‘Em the Boot – How and why to use protective leg wear to protect your champion

When we talk about a fantastic show horse we often call them great legged and no matter how talented a horse may be the chances of those legs staying perfect […]

Fit to be a Champion: Recognizing Saddle Fit issues with 5 Star Equine by Robyn Duplisea

Recognizing Saddle Fit issues with 5 Star Equine by Robyn Duplisea You demand a lot of your horses. You ask them to perform highly athletic maneuvers that are no small feat for a […]

Behind the Scenes with 5 Star Equine Products!

  At 5 Star Equine Products, we have built the company on the premise of quality materials and unapparelled craftmanship. We only use the finest 100% pure wool in the manufacturing of […]