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Spring Time TIPS from 5 Star

Spring Time TIPS from 5 Star

It is important to keep your saddle pad clean through shedding season.

Your pad can build up an excess amount of dirt and hair during the spring shedding season. To protect your investment, use a saddle pad liner as the “dirt catcher.” The liner keeps your pad clean through daily use and extends the life of your pad.

Daily maintenance with 5 Star’s Sponge helps minimize the buildup of hair and dirt. Keeping your pad free of daily buildup ensures that it stays soft and comfortable for your horse’s back.

Watch the video tip from owner, Terry Moore: “When does my saddle pad need to be washed?” to learn when it is time to wash your 5 Star saddle pad.

Have you washed your 5 Star Saddle Pad? Watch this video for a demonstration on how to properly wash your pad. 5 Star offers a safe, PH balanced Cleaner and Soak to clean, freshen, preserve, and soften your pad without damaging the wool fibers.

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