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Springtime Shedding and Your 100% Pure Wool 5 Star Saddle Pad

Springtime Shedding and Your 100% Pure Wool 5 Star Saddle Pad

Warmer weather is right around the corner, and with warmer weather comes shedding season.  Get your tack ready for spring trail rides, horse shows, play days and more before you need to use it.

Not only will you need to get your tack ready, but you may need to groom your horse as well.  This will aid in keeping your 100% pure wool saddle pad free of excess hair from shedding.  There are numerous tools that can be utilized to help get your horse ready from curry combs to shedding blades.  Some helpful tips in shedding your horse might include taking off any winter blankets or sheets, turning your horse out to aid with natural shedding, using your shedding blade or tool to remove as much winter hair as possible, and bathing your horse to remove any excess hair and to help your horse shed out.  Some horse owners may choose to use a vacuum or clip their horse as well.

The all-natural 100% pure wool fibers allow a 5 Star Pad to offer the best protection for your horse by wicking sweat and removing heat.  Springtime shedding can contribute to your 5 Star Pad’s build up of hair, sweat and dirt over time.  It is imperative to remove as much hair as you can after each ride (or at least every few rides) with the included 5 Star Dry Cleaning Sponge.  This sponge is intended to be used dry, rubbing in a circular motion on your 5 Star Pad to remove any excess hair.  Helpful Tip: The 5 Star dry cleaning sponge is also great at taking care of those wool cowboy hats!

If you haven’t taken the time to brush your pad after riding and have acquired an excess amount of hair, you may need to use a rubber curry comb in conjunction with a shop vacuum to thoroughly remove the build up of hair and debris from your pad.  This may take a little time and effort on your part (and a little elbow grease), but it will allow the exnatural wool fibers the freedom to breathe and do their job.  Your horse’s comfort and protection is the ultimate goal.

Your 5 Star Pad should be washed after every 40-50 hours of riding time – more often in hotter climates.  All of the sweat and dirt that is absorbed into your wool pad can cause the pad to become hard over time.  If the edges of your pad become hard and abrasive, it is overdue for a wash.  5 Star spent years developing a 5 Star Saddle Pad Cleaner & Soak that is PH Neutral, anti-microbial, and penetrates deeper into the natural wool fibers of your pad.  This cleaner is safe for you and your horse and works great to wash those winter blankets before storing during the summer months.  It also works great as a soak for our 100% all-natural mohair cinches and breast collars as well as our 100% neoprene sport boots!

To wash your 5 Star Pad begin my removing excess hair with a 5 star sponge. Thoroughly wet your 5 Star Pad with warm water if available (never hot). Spray cleaner directly on underside of saddle pad until completely wet. Allow to set up to 30 minutes then brush crust & hair away before rinsing well with a water hose using gentle water pressure (do not use pressure washer).

Continue to rinse from the middle toward the outside edges until water runs clear. Repeat as needed. For deep cleaning, mix 6-8 oz. of concentrate per one gallon of warm water. Completely submerge the saddle pad in a large tub and allow it to soak overnight (8-10 hours). Agitate periodically to work solution into pad fibers. Rinse under gentle water pressure. Allow to air dry. Always spot test first on a small, inconspicuous area if being used on a sensitive fabric or surface. Hang your pad by the gullet hole or clamps if you have a flex fit pad to dry.  You can also let it air dry over a fence.  Never lay your pad on it’s back or store it underneath other pads or saddles.

To prevent some of the maintenance involved in the removal of hair from shedding from your 5 Star 100% pure wool saddle pad, you can use a 5 Star Wool Liner.  The liners offer an easily washable and replaceable layer between your horse and your pad.  The liners will grip to the wool fibers of your saddle pad to prevent slipping.  They are ¼” thick and can be washed as well.  The use of a liner can help elongate the life of your pad.

With proper care, your pad will last many years.  We have proud 5 Star Pad owners that ride in the same pad that they purchased 10-15 years ago!


Watch this short video to learn about this 5 Star Pad that has about 10,000 miles on it!

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